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Request For Drew

Here is Drew's Request
HSM Karaoke Series
HSM 1 Karaoke
credit: For Music Lovers
HSM 2 Karaoke

Requests - December 16 2007

Here are the requests

linkin park when they were doing the projekt revolution tour when they were at mansfield, ma?

I am so sorry but i do not have this but i will post some linkin park stuff that i do have:

Linkin Park - Meteora

thanks to gc -

password: gc -

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight

Jay-Z And Linkin Park - Collision Course (2004)



Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight (Tour) - 2007

also includes 3 bonus tracks

Shadow of the Day (CD Single)

if you have or can get a copy of their set, i'd appreciate it a ton. thanks.
Thuy Le:

"There's Us" By the BackStreet Boys It's from there new album (Unbreakable Bonus Tracks)

here is the full Deluxe CD:

Track Lists:

1. Intro

2. Everything But Mine

3. Inconsolable

4. Something That I Already Knew

5. Helpless When She Smiles

6. Any Other Way

7. One In A Million

8. Panic

9. You Can Let Go

10. Trouble Is

11. Treat Me Right

12. Love Will Keep You Up All Night

13. Unmistakable

14. Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon

15. Downpour

16. In Pieces

17. Nowhere To Go

18. There's Us

Benny disneylover_5322:

episodes of waverly place?

Here is what all i found of Wizards of Waverly Place & more of Selena Gomez:

Wizards of Waverly Place '1.06 You Can't Always Get What You Carpet' (2007)Length: 22:10 Filesize: 158mb

Download: SendSpace BigUpload

Wizards of Waverly Place '1.05 Disenchanted Evening' (2007)

Length: 22:27 Filesize: 161mb

Download: SendSpace BigUpload

Wizards of Waverly Place '1.04 New Employee' (2007)

Length: 22:27 Filesize: 160mb

Download: SendSpace BigUpload

Disney Podcast (2007)

Length: 2:22 Filesize: 16.6mb

Download: SaveFile

Wizards of Waverly Place '1.03 I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain' (2007)

Length: 22:26 Filesize: 160mb

Download: SendSpace BigUpload

Hannah Montana '2.18 That's What Friends Are For' (2007)

Length: 6:36 Filesize: 25.6mb

Download: SaveFile

Wizards of Waverly Place '1.02 First Kiss' (2007)

Length: 22:12 Filesize: 151mb

Download: SendSpace

Wizards of Waverly Place '1.01 Crazy Ten Minute Sale' (2007)

Length: 22:35 Filesize: 154mb

Download: SendSpace

Wizards of Waverly Place Promo #1 (2007)

Length: 0:44 Filesize: 4.81mb

Download: Savefile

Wizards of Waverly Place Promo #2 (2007)

Length: 0:59 Filesize: 3.81mb

Download: Savefile

Wizards of Waverly Place Character Preview (2007)

Length: 0:14 Filesize: 907kb

Download: Savefile

Hannah Montana - Episode 2.13 (2007)

Length: 3:55 Filesize: 15.1mb

Download: Savefile

HSM2 Premiere - (2007)

Length: 0:40 Filesize: 1.88mb

Download: Savefile

POTC Premiere - (2007)

Length: 1:12 Filesize: 3.24mb Download: Savefile

POTC Premiere - IESB (2007)

Length: 1:02 Filesize: 3.60mb

Download: Savefile

Surfs Up Premiere Interview (2007)

Length: 0:36 Filesize: 1.92mb

Download: Savefile

A Time for Heroes Celeb Carnival Interview (2007)

Length: 0:13 Filesize: 923kb

Download: Savefile

Suite Life of Zack & Cody - Episode 2.22 (2006)

Length: 8:13 Filesize: 31.2mb

Download: Savefile

Brain Zapped Trailer (2006)

Length: 1:15 Filesize: 3.55mb

Download: Savefile

Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire (2005)

Length: 1:13 Filesize: 4.70mb

Download: Savefile

thanks to Selena Web


I have to Deluxe Edition:


1 Tim McGraw

2 Picture To Burn

3 Teardrops On My Guitar

4 A Place In This World

5 Cold As You

6 The Outside

7 Tied Together With A Smile

8 Stay Beautiful

9 Should've Said No

10 Mary's Song (Oh My My My)

11 Our Song

12 I'm Only Me When I'm With You

13 Invisible

14 A Perfectly Good Heart

15 Taylor's 1st Phone Call With Tim McGraw

Zshare (in ZIP):


the original version doesnt have these songs:

12 I'm Only Me When I'm With You

13 Invisible

14 A Perfectly Good Heart

15 Taylor's 1st Phone Call With Tim McGraw

you can download the original version here:

GUEST: can you upload "PERFECT DAY" by Cascada??
Drew: this is my first time to this site and it is awesome.i was wondering if u could post Britney Spears - Just Yesterday,Britney Spears - Overprotected(darkchild remix)& Britney Spears - Shadow

Just Yesterday - Britney Spears

Overprotected (darchild remix) - Britney Spears

Shadow - Britney Spears

JJ: Kaci I think you got the wrong one. This is the video I was talking about VideoURL
the video cant be a mp3 file but in mp4 it can go on ur ipod if that is why u want it in mp3



Also a friend gave me this link to give to you all if you cant

open RAR files u need winRAR to get the files

to use winrar you need to download

then open the winrar thing and search for the rar thing in ur computer

like say the taylor swift album i posted in winrar

you would look for it where you saved it or drag it to the winrar thing that u opened =) i hope this helped
Britney Spears Unreleased Songs:

01. Autumn Goodbye
02. Before The Goodbye
03. Deep In My Heart
04. Don't Hang Up
05. DFA Demo (Get It)
06. Girl In The Mirror
07. Girls & Boys
08. Guilty
09. Heart
10. I Run Away
11. I'll Never Stop Loving You
12. I'm So Curious
13. Intimidated
14. Luv The Hurt Away
15. Mona Lisa
16. Over To You Now
17. She'll Never Be Me
18. The Answer
19. Walk On By
20. When I Found You
21. You Got It All
Britney Spears - In The Zone
1. Me Against The Music
2. (I Got That) Boom Boom
3. Showdown
4. Breathe On Me
5. Early Mornin'
6. Toxic
7. Outrageous
8. Touch Of My Hand
9. The Hook Up
10. Shadow
11. Brave New Girl
12. Everytime
13. Me Against The Music (Rishi Rich's Desi Kulcha Remix)
14. The Answer (Bonus Track)
15. Don't Hang Up
Britney Spears Live In Vegas Videos:
Christina Aguilera - My Kind of Christmas - 13/12/2007
Christina Aguilera - Stripped
Christina Aguilera Remixes
TRACK LISTING:1 Beautiful (Valentin Club Mix)
2 Car Wash (Enubus Remix)
3 Genie in a Bottle (Eddie Arroyo Remix)
4 Hello (Dance Floor Mix)
5 Just Be Free (Remix 2000)
6 The Voice Within' (Lenny B's Club Mix)
7 Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (Boris And Beck Extended Mix)
8 Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (Jazzy Remix Radio Edit)
9 Tell Me (Christina's Vocals Extended)
10 Beautiful (Hot Tracks Riddler Mix)
11 Genie In A Bottle (DJ Hewie's UpTempo Mix)
12 Come On Over Baby (Boser Spanglish Mix)
13 Dead Or Aguilera (Mash Up)
14 Genio Atrapado (Re-Mix)
15 The Voice Within (Almighty Remix)
Christina Aguilera - Back To Basics
Best Of Christina Millian
Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad
Rihanna - A Girl Like Me
Rihanna - Music Of The Sun
Carrie Underwood
Carnival Ride Album:
Billy Ray Cyrus
"Home At Last" Album
"Some Gave All" Album

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blogs and Sites

Hey everyone I thought I would tell you guys a few things:
I am co-webbing on a few blogs you guys should check out:
also I have 2 myspace's you can add me if you guys want to:
My personal myspace:
and I am also trying to make 3 Websites:
one of TAPS/Ghost Hunters with my sister
on of Designs with my sister
one of Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens with cody
and here is a video you can look at to see what TAPS/Ghost Hunters is:
more coming soon!


Guest: can i requset the hsm remixed album from walmart

1. (00:03:05) Troy - Bet On It (Remix)

2. (00:02:48) Sharpay And Ryan - Fabulous (Remix)

3. (00:02:47) Troy And Gabriella - Breaking Free (Remix)

4. (00:01:32) Ryan And Sharpay - Bop To The Top (Remix)

5. (00:03:17) Chad And Ryan - I Don't Dance (Remix)

6. (00:02:37) Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, And Sharpay - I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (Remix)

7. (00:02:38) Ryan And Sharpay - Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (Remix)

8. (00:03:34) High School Musical Cast - We're All In This Together (Remix)





max: hq versions of the videos of Breaking Free (Remix) and We're All In This Together (Remix)

Breaking Free (Remix)


We're All In This Together (Remix)


Susie: HQ iPod music video for the song "Ever Ever After" by Carrie Underwood.


Thuy Tien: Disney's Karaoke Series: Lizzie McGuire

I couldnt get this but i am including a couple of things for you

The Lizzie McGuire Movie:

which u can find for download here:

Here is something i came across that a friend told me about:

Hilary Duff "Unlimited"

01 - Now You Know

02 - Crash World

03 - Break My Heart

04 - (I'll Give) Anything But Up

05 - The Tiki Room 06 - I Can't Wait

07 - My Generation

08 - The Siamese Cat Song (ft. Haylie Duff)

09 - Supergirl

10 - A Day In The Sun.

11 - Material Girl (ft Haylie Duff)

12 - Who's That Girl (Acoustic Version)

13 - Play With Fire (Vada Remix)

14 - I Can't Wait (Dance Mix)


"Beat Of My Heart" Music Video:


tom: jingle jams album

I couldnt get this request but i did get these:

101 Christmas Songs (1946-2006)

there are no disney stars on here tho:







Hannah Montana Karaoke Series:

1. (00:03:12) Hannah Montana - Pumpin' Up The Party

2. (00:03:12) Hannah Montana - Who Said

3. (00:02:59) Hannah Montana - I Got Nerve

4. (00:02:51) Hannah Montana - The Best Of Both Worlds

5. (00:03:00) Hannah Montana - If We Were A Movie

6. (00:03:14) Hannah Montana - The Other Side Of Me

7. (00:02:46) Hannah Montana - This Is The Life

8. (00:03:10) Hannah Montana - Just Like You

9. (00:03:11) Hannah Montana - Pumpin' Up The Party

10. (00:03:12) Hannah Montana - Who Said

11. (00:02:58) Hannah Montana - I Got Nerve

12. (00:02:52) Hannah Montana - The Best Of Both Worlds

13. (00:03:00) Hannah Montana - If We Were A Movie

14. (00:03:14) Hannah Montana - The Other Side Of Me

15. (00:03:10) Hannah Montana - Just Like You

16. (00:02:46) Hannah Montana - This Is The Life



Hannah Montana Original Soundtrack:


Hannah Montana 2

Disc 1:


Disc 2:


Sam: Hi, I was windering if I could request the "Music and Lyrics" movie soundtrack, in a ZIP file, because I can't download RAR files. thanks so much if you can.

I couldnt get it so I got:

Transformers Soundtrack:


also for the things that i couldnt get i am so sorry also here is a mega post:

Albums thanks to Music Mania!:

Jennifer Lopez - Brave

Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

Collective Soul - Afterwords

Bruce Springsteen - Magic

Kid Rock - Rock and Roll Jesus

Why Did I Get Married [Soundtrack]

Boys Like Girls - Boys Like Girls

Mario - Go

J Holiday - Back of My Lac

Carrie Underwood - Carnival Ride

Carlos Santana - Ultimate Santana

Daughtry - Daughtry

Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light

Across The Universe - Soundtrack

Alter Bridge - Blackbird

Annie Lennox - Songs of Mass Destruction

Britney Spears - Greatest Hits: My Prerogative

Brooks & Dunn - Cowboy Town

Bruce Springsteen - Magic

Carrie Underwood - Carnival Ride

Coco - Colbie Caillat

Collective Soul - Afterwords

Chamillionaire - Ultimate Victory

Death Proof (Soundtrack)

Eddie Vedder - Into the Wild (OST)

Jagged Edge - Baby Makin' Project

Jill Scott - The Real Thing: Words And Sounds Vol. 3

Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light

John Fogerty - Revival

Kenny Chesney - Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates

Keyshia Cole - Just Like You

Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight

Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long

Matchbox Twenty - Exile On Mainstream

Melissa Etheridge - The Awakening

Neil Young - Chrome Dreams II

Puddle of Mudd - Famous

Rascal Flatts - Still Feels Good

Reba McEntire - Duets

R.E.M. - Live (part 1) - R.E.M. - Live (part 2)

Vanessa Carlton - Heroes & Thieves

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Hey everyone, I am working on all of your requests and i will have them as soon as i can.
But right now i will leave u guys with 1 of the remixes from the hsm remix album:
bet on it remix:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Request For Thuy Le

Here is Thuy Le's Request
"He Said, I Said" By NLT Acapella
I only could find a 30 second mp3 verison: